At a glance 公司簡介
LYTEC was founded in 1997, is a customized switching power supply manufacture. We mostly engaged in producing AC/DC Power supplies, DC/DC converters and Battery chargers. Having professional R&D and design, we produce highly efficient customized power supply. Holding honesty and high quality, our goal is to do our best to satisfy customer’s requirements and figure out solutions for any problem from customers. Under the leadership of founder Hueydy Chang, we are enjoying an excellent reputation. In order to meet all kinds of requirements, we expand our products in communication facility, industry, test equipment and emergency lighting since 1999.

Our central conviction is “Constructing a substantial triangle of service, excellence and stability for customer.”We bear the principle of good service to customers, offering high quality and create excellent results. Moreover, we have implemented a highly efficient management system to improve work’s efficiency and products’ quality. We examine all spare parts and use the best in our products. Confidently, we will be your most reliable partner.





History 公司沿革

1997- Established LYTEC CO., LTD
1999- Manufactured highly efficient customized power supply for communication
2005- Manufactured highly efficient customized power supply for test equipment
2007- Manufactured highly efficient customized power supply for military
2011- Implemented ISO9001
Quality Policy 品質政策
“Constructing a substantial triangle of service, excellence and stability for customer.”

Quality Policy 品質政策


Corporate Culture 經營理念
With sincerity, we offer customers excellent results.
Continuing to improve our service for customer, doing our best to satisfy customer’s requirement.

Certificates 認證



Product’s specific 產品特色

All of our products are customized. Customer’s needs are always be our first consideration.

General Message 總經理的話

LYTEC is established in 1997. Foundation is not smooth also encounters many difficulties. Thanks to our staffs work hard together, getting better and better, LYTEC’s solid foundation was laid. Holding the concept of honesty and customer, we are absorbed in the most suitable customized product for customer. We mostly engage in power supply which used in industry, also, including mobile chargers, emergency lighting, and traffic lights.

LYTEC isn’t a big company. We don’t have outstanding products but many results that satisfy customer’s needs. Our team tries their best to meet every requirement from customers. Definitely, the products in LYTEC can stand the test of time. Our products and service are reliability in long-term use.